Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Starry night heads south

Part of the Vega night class man's mission to make us more creative involves us reading as far and wide and opening our frame of reference as much as possible (and then making new links between the expanded mental library). We've looked at great composers, physicists, The Office and Darwin. Picasso, it turns out, copied every known Western artistic style before he embarked on his own. So here's the start of my journey - a Van Gogh inspired Cape Town. What do you think?


  1. Very cool - going to have to commission you to do something for Jake's 30th next year in April...Miss you so much short and very cool Blog :) Kisses C

  2. Thanks punk :) Commission away, baby. I'm on quite a spree! Miss you too x

  3. LUV IT! i think its a really good rendition of a Van Gogh. when i look at it it gives me the feeling of christmas and that story "a christmas carol" and silent night seems to pop in my head.

    i like, alt!